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India, which is also a developing economy, has been keen to establish closer links with ASEAN to further promote economic, social and cultural ties. Similarly, ASEAN can derive advantage from an enduring and enhanced partnership with India with its sizable pool of well educated, highly qualified and trained and experienced technocrats, engineers, scientists, doctors, economists and others. To precisely play a contributory role on our part and to foster a bigger involvement among the potential players in this mutual human interaction, we decided on the Indo-Asean Who’s Who.

Volume First (2000); Volume Second (2003); Volume Third (2007)



Our Business Directories are basically pointers for business organisations and executives from around the world looking for new trade openings and ventures. It is a guide book for buyers and sellers, importers and exporters, entrepreneurs and others in the trading community in search of new collaboration or expansion of business operations. The Business Directories in different titles cover business houses and establishments mainly from Asia and the Middle-East.

The publications are being circulated among various National & International Libraries, Chambers of Commerce, Embassies & Consulates, Trade Development Boards, etc., and are used as a reservoir of useful information.

Rifacimento International has weathered many a storm but steadfastly refused to give up. Our determination has taken us from strength to strength and today we epitomize that inner strength standing tall even after so many years in the line with active support from well-wishers around the world.



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