Arab World Trade

‘Arab World Trade’, a groundwork done for decision-making executives lists essential and factual information on major business houses in the Middle-East and the Gulf. The business book provides useful information on import-export destinations in the Arab world and a summarized overview of the countries featured in it. There is also a special section on Asia to foster bilateral trade.
Covering: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and includes Asian Pages.
First Edition: 2004, Second Edition: 2005, Third Edition: 2006, Forth Edition: 2007, Fourth Edition: 2008, Six Edition: 2009, Seventh Edition: 2010, Eighth Edition: 2011, Edition Nineth: 2012, Edition Tenth 2013, Edition Eleventh 2014, Edition Twelveth (2015), Edition Thireenth 2016, Edition Fourteenth 2017.