Reference Asia: Asia's Who Who of Men & Women of Achievement

Reference Asia in a number of volumes concatenated at intervals is aimed to congregate and emicate Asian fame and notability of its living people to emmove commensal and international understanding. It is attempted to capture and preserve knowledge of its people who are part of history today and tomorrow, people who have scaled the heights against odds to achieve excellence, people who have made a mark in original line of thinking by any standard, people who have played a cogent role in stimulating and sustaining the high name of art, literature and learning—in short, the outstanding contemporanean achievers.Volume First (1986); Volume Second (1986); Volume Third (1988); Volume Fourth (1989); Volume Fifth (1989); Volume Sixth (1991); Volume Seventh (1992); Volume Eighth (1994); Volume Ninth (1995); Volume Tenth (1997); Volume Eleventh (1998); Millennium Edition (2001); Revised Edition Vol. First (2004); Revised Edition Vol. Second (2011)