Asia Pacific Who's Who

Asia Pacific Who’s Who had been specifically conceived to present outline-biographies of personalities of the Asian continent’s Pacific neighbours, especially New Zealand and the continent of Australia, and aligning them with notable figures of Asia. Besides, several Asian countries are also often referred to as Pacific-rim nations and this title of the book, in effect, seeks to harmonise their dual position vis-a-vis Asia and the Pacific Ocean.
Volume First (1998); Volume Second (1999); Volume Third (2001); Volume Fourth (2002); Volume Fifth (2004); Volume Sixth (2006); Volume Seventh (2007); Volume Eighth (2008); Volume Nineth (2009); Volume Tenth (2010); Volume Eleventh (2012); Vloume Twelveth (2013); Volume Thireenth (2014); Volume Fourteenth (2016); Volume Fitreenth (2016); Volume Sixteenth (2016)